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The Process of Re-Keying Explained

Rekeying a lock is essentially modifying an existing lock to work with an innovative key. Unlike lock replacement rekeying is much less persistent and can be done devoid of removing the lock from its location, (i.e. a door or window). By rekeying a lock the interior mechanism is transformed into a new configuration which creates a totally different lock that correspond to a new key. This procedure alters the existing lock’s internal pins to create a new pattern. A specialized and quick locksmith can do this service much more quickly than replacing your locks in entirety. Rekeying also saves considerable expense over changing out the old locks for new ones. For rental and commercial properties it is often required to have a master key that will open multiple locks. Locksmith experts can do master rekeying to almost any configuration to meet the requirements of the property owners.

The real rekeying process is one that should be left up to a professional. Although rekeying is a comparatively simple job for a skilled locksmith attempting to rekey your own locks could be timely and you also run the risk of damaging your existing lock should you alter it erroneously.

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