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Guide to Open the Door Knob Without a Key

Locksmiths hold various ideas and techniques to open a doorknob without a key, they do such things by applying various unique practices. Generally,the door knob opening sequence is initiated in an emergency, especially if you are facing a locked-out situation. Locksmiths apply two major techniques for opening a doorknob first is the constructive entry sequence and the second is the destructive entry technique. In constructive entry with the use of some special kind of tools and equipment, they find a way to unlock. It is a silent process that doesn’t require a locksmith to apply harsh operations. In the destructive entry,the locksmith tries to open the door lock by applying physical pressure. In this method, the lock is destroyed with some hard strokes. The constructive method is more convenient and leads to reducing the loss of resources. For constructive entry sequence locksmith decatur ga use some of the most common tools which include torsion wrench tool, Allen wrench tool, screwdriver, etc.

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